Thursday, 16 May 2013

Defying Gravity

If you love your musicals then the award winning show Wicked is a must to go and see. Based on Gregory Maguire's best selling novel, the musical has a whole new story to be tell about the land of Oz. So happy to finally get to see this at the Victoria Apollo theatre in London at the weekend. A very clever storyline told by an incredible cast with their amazing voices! Next on the long list would have to be The Lion King I think :)


  1. Love the idea of double ACEO (and big witch fan too!).

  2. The musical sounds delightful, how was it? I love the double ACEO idea, very original, Ive never seen it before!

  3. Thankyou! Wicked was amazing, the singing was incredible and the storyline was very clever. Definitely worth a trip to see if you have the chance!