Monday, 18 November 2013

Panda Favour Boxes ♥

Panda Favour Boxes ♥
 1. Print out the favour box template sheet directly onto card and cut the template out using scissors or a craft knife. Score the lines using an embossing board and bone folder. Attach together with double sided tape.
2. Cut out one of the pandas heads and using double sided tape attach onto the top flap marked with an x. (Position the head over the box first to make sure you stick it on the correct way up).
3. Using the extra embellishments, add a little top hat or bow to the head using double sided tape or foam pads to create his and hers favour boxes.
4. Once you have put your goodies inside either seal the box using double sided tape or attach a little craft magnet on the inside flap and box to create a fastening.

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