Saturday, 18 October 2014

Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP)

 We recently visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, an international centre for contemporary and modern art. The weather wasn’t on our side however it did not dampen our day. We walked the expansive historic grounds discovering a variety of sculptures around every twist and turn.

Our favourite exhibition was Roger Hiorns: Seizure. It’s a truly unique and immersive experience. To find out what’s on and for more information please visit:

Friday, 10 October 2014

Design a Sock Top 30

My sock design made it to the TOP 30 of the Sock it to Me 10th anniversary Design a Sock Of Awesomeness Contest! Get voting for 'Hole In One' Voting finishes at 5pm Oct 10th! 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Character Portrait Commission

Here's the final result of a recent character portrait commission. I illustrated this image digitally but kept the final image quite sketchy to give it a slight caricature feel as asked by the client.

Wether your looking for something fun and characterised or realistic imagery, I can work in a variety of styles as you can see on the blog. If you have an idea in mind for a unique Christmas present this year then don't hesitate to contact us!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

JoJo Collection: JoJo Super Star Decoupage

You will need:
A Craft Knife and Cutting Mat
Foam pads
Double Sided Tape
A4 White Card

JoJo Collection: JoJo Super Star
1. Using a sheet of White A4 Card create a 15cm square card blank.
2. Print out the JoJo Super Star decoupage sheet onto card and cut out the main image first. Attach to your card blank using double sided tape. We have cut this down leaving a white edge to make the image really stand out on the card.
3. Cut out each numbered decoupage layer and using foam pads attach each layer to the main image. You don’t have to use every layer if you don’t want to! A few decoupage layers will be enough to give the card dimension.
4. Cut out a coordinating paper ribbon from the craft sheet and matt onto white card. Attach as shown using double sided tape or craft glue. If you wish to use material ribbon, cut a strip to the appropriate size. Wrap the ribbon around the main image before you stick it to the card blank then tie a bow on the the front.
5. To finish cut out a sentiment and attach to the card with foam pads.
We would love to see what you create with our craft sheets! Share your creations with us by emailing jpegs to or tweet us at curious_tree

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

JoJo Collection: Blue Whale Decoupage Card

You will need:
A Craft Knife and Cutting Mat
Foam pads
A4 White Card

JoJo Collection: Blue Whale Decoupage Card
1. Print of the Blue Whale Decoupage pdf onto card. Cut the elements off the main sheet first, then cut to the edge of each image with decoupage scissors or a craft knife. Our Tip: When creating a decoupage a craft knife gives you a neater finish and is much easier to get into fiddly corners! Just guide the knife arounds the shapes pressing firmly. If you cut to far in on a layer just neaten the cut. You can always take a little bit more off the next layer above. Alternatively just print the sheet and start again!
2. Once you have cut out all the elements, add your foam pads around each layer and position on top of each other. Our Tip: Before peeling the back off the foams pads position the decoupage layer over where it will be stuck to ensure your happy with it!
3. Your image should now have great dimension! To add this to a card fold an a4 sheet of white card in half and cut down to a square card blank that is slightly bigger than the decoupage. Attach to your card with double sided tape leaving a white gap around the edge to frame the decoupage.  
3. Add a sentiment with foam pads to finish the card.
Our Tip: Decoupage images also look great framed!  This would make a great piece of artwork for someones bathroom!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Feature Friday: Chris Saunders

Chris Saunders is an illustrator from North East UK. He lives and works there today.
He received an Illustration BA Honours Degree (First Class) from the University of Northampton and, prior to this, had attained an Art & Design BTEC National Diploma Foundation Studies with Distinction. 

Chris is largely self-taught and works mainly digitally these days; however, his pencils and watercolours are never too far away. Chris likes to create cute, gentle, floating, atmospheric imagery with an edge, blending stylised shapes with realistic texture and exaggerated physics. He likes to tell a story.

The major childhood influence that inspired Chris to pursue illustration would undoubtedly be children’s books – specifically, Roald Dahl, Kenneth Grahame and J.R.R. Tolkien to name a few.

Chris was awarded the 2010 e-Creative nomination for new talent in the field of illustration after his final University D&AD show. He has also been a Lloyds TSB ‘The Art of Nurture’ Regional Finalist and had a Coroflot homepage feature.

See more of Chris’s work at:

Friday, 1 August 2014

Hap-bee Birthday Digi Stamp: Gouache Paint

You will need:
Gouache Paints 
A Fine Paint Brush
Black Shimmer Card

Hap-bee Birthday Card
1. Create a 10cm x 15cm rectangle card blank using Black Shimmer Card.
2. Matt a coordinating Little Ladies paper onto the card blank. 
3. Cut out your coloured digi stamp (see steps below) and matt onto black card. Attach to your card as shown with double sided tape.
4. Matt a sentiment onto some of the left over black card and attach to your project as shown using foam pads.
Hap-bee Birthday Digi Stamp - Gouache
1. Print the Little Ladies Digi stamp sheet onto A4 card.
2. Using Gouache start by painting the skin tones, blue wings and the yellow stripes. Next add the orange and brown tones over the top. Finish by adding the brown and black tones, use the black sparingly as it will wash out the other colours.
Our Tip: Mix plenty of the colour you are using, it’s better to have too much than run out.